94 Lay Ministers from the Belize District were Commissioned and Re-commissioned

On Thursday, January 17, 2019, Holy Redeemer Cathedral was filled with family and friends who came to share in the joy of 94 Lay Ministers. Bishop Lawrence Nicasio commissioned new persons into the ministry and re-commissioned those who were already serving.  These Lay Ministers represented Divine Mercy Church, Our Lady of the Way, St. Joseph Church, St. Ignatius Church, St. John Vianney, St. Martin de Porres and Holy Redeemer Parish.

Lay Ministers are committed men and women who have answered the Lord’s call to serve the Church and the Belizean Community. They diligently participate in training to prepare themselves for an active role in ministry. Being commissioned by the Bishop allows a Lay Minister the privilege to serve in any of the Catholic Parishes in the country.

The Bishop categorizes the many areas of ministry under three major headings.

  • Ministry of the Word – conducting Liturgies of the Word, reading Sacred Scripture.
  • Ministry of the Eucharist – taking Holy Communion to the Sick, assisting the priest in the distribution of Holy Communion, conducting Communion Service.
  • Ministry of Healing – Visiting the sick, evangelizing to prison inmates, spiritual help to the poor and the bereaved.

Let us keep these Lay Ministers in our prayers as they continue to open their hearts to the voice of God and remain faithful in service.

Special thanks are extended to Fr. Noel Leslie, Mrs. Beatrice Robateau, Ms. Isabel Castillo and the Lay Ministry Resource Team who made this event a successful one.