Ministries & Commissions

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Diocesan Pastoral Life Commission

Chairperson: Fr. Noel Leslie

            Administrative Assistant: Ms. Beatrice Robateau

            Accountant: Dr. Marcelino Avila



Chairperson: Fr. Noel Leslie

Team members: Linda Bowman, Alicia Martin, Maureen Turton,

Abel Vargas, Fr. Selvin Garcia, F.M.M., Jose Ortez

Youth Ministry

Chairperson: Robert Robinson

Team members: Geraldine Jones, Gayle Thompson,

Lizbeth Itzab, Keisha Rodriguez, Stephanie Orosco Pollard,

Lucretia Pott, Fr. Bill Snyders, S.J.

Lay Ministry

Chairperson: John Bodden

Co-Chair: Melissa Gallego

Team members: Rosana Burgess, Maria Pech, Novencia Diego,

Therese Ariola, Peter August, Valdemar Andrade, Harry Lawrence, Irma Adrana

Marriage and the Family

Chairpersons: Maureen and Stanley Ermeav

Team members: Loretta and Vincent Palacio, David and Flavia Burgos,

Rev. Amelio Chi

Social Concerns and Social Justice

Chairperson: Mel Auil

Team members: Marlette Lacayo, Pete Castillo, Stephen Sabal, Sr. Caritas Lawrence, R.S.M.

Adult Formation and Spirituality

Chairperson: Lucy Zuniga

Team members: Edita Pariente, Emelda Quinonez,   Luciano   Cuellar,

Veronica Jones, Barbara Arnold, Nena and Jorge Martinez